Diplomes 2 corrigée

Since March 2017, training, advice and coaching aids dedicated to business creators and Walloon entrepreneurs have been simplified and digitalized in a single window. They are now called “Chèques Entreprises”. Dedicated to supporting the creation of activity, innovation, growth and internationalization of Walloon companies, training, advice and coaching aid are now gathered in an integrated portfolio made up of thematic Chèques Entreprises accessible via the portal www.cheques-entreprises.be.

A labeling system has been put in place by the administration. It provides a list of professionals able to offer the services concerned by these checks. After examination of the file and personalized interview, François Royen and Michaël Verleyen, both designers and administrators of the iol agency, were labeled in the International Development – Design Specialist category (former AWEX assistant).

So if you want to develop a product for the international market, don’t wait any longer! Check your conditions for obtaining the relevant and contact us!