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We help you to define your positioning on the market with precision.

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Innovation Strategy

  • I have a product, what are the development opportunities?
  • I have a work tool, what new products could result from it?
  • I would like to accessorize my product, what directions should I take?
  • I have technology, how and where can I use it?
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We offer you brainstorming exercises, between designers and with your team, to bring out as many ideas and opportunities as possible to meet your request. We provide a reservoir of ideas and actionable solutions and help you select the most promising for your company.

Analysis of services

  • What experience do users have with my product?
  • How can I make my user experience as complete as possible?
  • How do users position themselves in relation to the services that my product can provide?
  • What user behaviors could my product respond to?
  • Is my innovative product unique on the market?
  • What are the analogous products providing the same service?
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We bring a new vision of your service / product through an analysis focused on user behavior and solutions related to your product. Our analysis report provides you with a usage scenario and a design requirements book.

Creative Research

My user experience is defined.

  • I have an innovative product, how can I make it competitive?
  • I have a product, how can I adapt it to create a new market?
  • I have a product / service, how can I find new ergonomic / aesthetic / mechanical solutions to encourage its development?
  • I have a product, how can I make it economically industrializable?
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We develop your project through conceptual research. The user experience occupies a central place in our thinking to guide us towards adapted user ergonomics. We make the first volume models in our workshops. We think about the technologies that will be used, the price, the impact on the components and the production chain. We make profound changes to the source of your initial design.


We formalise your idea with creativity.

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Design Definition

My concept is validated.

  • I want to revamp / improve the design of my product.
  • I want to improve ergonomics, user experience, adapt technology, etc. of my product.
  • I would like to make a 1/1 scale test model of my product.
  • I want to define the materials, colors, textures of my product.
  • How do I define a range from my product?
  • How can I make my product compatible with industry standards?
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On the basis of what already exists, we specify the design. We adapt the shape to the components to be integrated, we orient it according to the selected production technologies and we produce the first volume models via our labs.

CAD Engineering

I have a design.

  • How to put it in production?
  • My design was made by another office and I want to optimize it to put it into production
  • I want to be accompanied to develop my design internally, in my company.
  • And I want to develop different mass production techniques.
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By outsourcing or in-sourcing directly in your offices, we carry out detailed technical models of all bodywork components by integrating technology. We support you in the technical choices to be made. Our multisectoral knowledge in production technologies allows us to make associations of materials and industrialization at the origin of the differentiation of your product.

We continue to validate the forms and principles via models produced in our labs.

Functional Prototyping

I need a prototype.

  • I need a first small series of my product.
  • I need prototypes to perform certification pre-tests.
  • I want to validate my final project with my clients.
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For the sake of responsiveness, we have set up our own in-house prototyping labs. Depending on the production technologies chosen, we also call on our network of subcontractors.

Depending on the production technologies chosen, we can also call on our network of subcontractors.

We prepare all 3D files for production and take care of follow-up. We can then carry out or accompany you punctually in the assembly of the prototype.

Thanks to our stress lab, we also support you in the certification pre-tests.


We support you during the production management for your product.

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Product Optimisation

I want to go from prototype to production.

  • I have a prototype, I need to optimize it.
  • I have to finalize the 3D of my project to industrialize it.
  • I must validate the specificities of my product according to the standards to which it must meet.
  • I have to make a production file to industrialize my product.
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Depending on your request, we intervene on a global or ad hoc basis, in outsourcing or insourcing to bring you our expertise.

We support you in the modifications to be made to your plans resulting from detailed 3D models. We determine the BOM and support you in the search for suitable suppliers.

An essential and consequent step, production optimization sometimes leads to setbacks. Depending on the remarks made on the prototypes, some cases lead us to return to the CAD Engineering phase to adapt and optimize the product.


First Serie

The product is ready for production.

  • I need support to start a first production.
  • I want support to check my first series.
  • I would like to outsource the production management of my first series.
  • I need a first batch of my product to get it certified.
  • I wish to be accompanied to find the appropriate subcontractors and to validate the production prices.
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Globally or in partnership, we support you in putting your first series into production. We discuss with production, we check the correct understanding, answer their technical questions and validate molds and first parts.