We offer collaboration:

  • With a team of 6 designers + 1 marketer.
  • With experience in many fields (medical, childcare, industrial, machine tools, connected objects, etc.).
  • Led by a project manager.
  • Based on 22 years of experience in product development.
  • A large panel of subcontractors.
  • By an offer or on demand.

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At home, in your company:

  • A profile with, in the background, the experience and support of a team.
  • A full or part-time designer and on site for a specific mission or global support.
  • Native files directly integrated into the company’s ERP.
  • Price adapted to your needs and the period.

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Our labs

Prototyping and models:

  • 3D printing (wire / resin deposit),
  • Thermoforming,
  • Laser cutting,
  • Mounting,
  • Painting,
  • Assembly of POCs and demonstrators,

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Welcome to iol.

Thanks to our 22 years of experience and more than 150 commercialized achievements, we have developed an adapted and flexible methodology of product development according to the needs and profiles of our customers. We also attach great importance to analyzing the project upstream in order to personalize our services and interventions.

In our office, we bring together 6 experienced designers from different backgrounds. This is an asset for approaching projects together but from different angles. Our services are mainly performed as subcontractors and punctuated by meetings in your / our offices during the progress of the project. We also support you in the research of materials and production techniques, the research of the most adequate technologies, etc.

Depending on the progress of your project and your request, we work via quotation or under cost.


Immersion in your company.

Following a growing need, we have developed an insourcing solution for our clients. Depending on the stage of product development, we dispatch an in-house team designer for periods ranging from a week to several months.

Its intervention can relate to a specific mission as well as to more global support for the development of products. He can then analyze, brainstorm, supporting the R&D team via technical and ergonomical assessment solidify ideas through 3D models and technical drawings.

There are many advantages for your company:

  • Benefit from a designer with, in the background, the experience and support of a team.
  • Benefit from this on-site full or part-time for a determined period (promotes communication with the team in charge of the project internally and avoids the salary burden of a full-time employee).
  • Have in-house native files integrated into your company’s ERP.
  • Take advantage of an adapted price.

Then we work under management for periods and prices determined in advance.

Our labs

Prototyping and testing in real time.

Our activity requires constant validation of shapes, volumes, mechanical principles and assemblies. To offer maximum responsiveness, our agency has 2 labs.

The first accommodates various prototyping machines that allow us to produce, in a very short time, parts deposited with wire, resin, laser cutting, thermoforming, etc. We also work there for everything that is precision assembly, sewing, clean assemblies, etc.

The second is equipped with a multitude of tools and reserved for working with different materials to assemble models, prototypes or demonstrators. It also allows us to paint small parts and build larger prototypes.

When the situation requires, we also go to the site to do the assembly.

Product certification is part of our daily life in product design. The iol team pays particular attention to developing and testing products that will comply with the certifications of the field of activity requested. In this context, we have a small in-house lab bringing together the most frequent tests to reproduce, test and correct the product before sending it for certification.

  • Ergonomics
  • Sealing
  • IP
  • IK
  • Drop test
  • Resistance
  • Entrapment of fingers
  • Etc.


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