Innovation is now a prerequisite for any business to remain competitive in the market. Yet this remains a position that requires a lot of investment in personnel, time and finances.

To help innovation, a lot of aid must be taken. We’ve put together a small sample for you below:

The AEI offers an innovation grant aimed at SMEs, self-employed persons and traders over 3 years old. It amounts to € 12,500. A sustainable development innovation version of this same grant also exists and amounts to € 15,000.

AWEX, on the other hand, helps companies export innovations. To do this, it offers financial contributions for the redesign of a product. These, included in the consultancy support – specialist in design envelope, range from € 25,000 to € 37,500 over 3 years depending on the age of the company.

The Walloon Region also offers various aid in the field:

Technology vouchers: valued at € 500, they cost the company only 25% and cover various phases leading to technological innovation. They are designed to be used only through a list of approved providers and are limited to 40 checks / 12 months.

The technical feasibility study prior to the development of a new product or process. From 40 to 75% of the costs of the subcontracting carried out by approved research centers, university laboratories or Hautes Ecoles are covered.

Prototyping Aid supports experimental development activities relating to prototyping and subsequent development stages leading to commercialization. This aid is granted in the form of a recoverable advance which can cover 40% to 60% of eligible expenditure within the framework of an R&D project.

Finally, the Start Invest investment fund helps small and medium-sized businesses wishing to propose a project to create or develop employment-generating activities. This intervention of at least € 50,000 can be made in two ways: the loan of capital or the acquisition of equity participation.