We are your Product Design Agency

Strategic and innovative minds for creative design


We help you to define your positioning on the market with precision.

We are convinced that a project’s strategic dimension plays a determinative role in its success. A product must be precisely positioned in order to meet its consumers’ expectations.


IS  Innovation Strategy

What are the opportunities for developing my range on my market? What can I add something new to my product? Thanks to creative exercises (brainstorming, etc.) we help you to innovate and enrich your catalogue of products/services.


AS  Analysis of Services

We analyse the status quo, monitor the competition and users’ behaviour with the aim of discerning the determinative innovation approaches on your market. The result is a usage scenario which will be used as a guide during the project’s development.


CR  Creative Research

The objective is to open up leads around similar products, to study principles, form, ergonomics in order to make the product easy to understand and use. We explore innovative solutions and present you with creative concepts that integrate the communicated constraints.



We formalise your idea with creativity.

We apply our creative focus to quality and precision of form. We pay particular attention to the object’s perceived and real uses in order to enhance the user’s experience.


DD  Design Definition

We compile all the creative research that best meets your expectations and those of your customers. The objective is to create a precise, perfectly formed and industry-compatible product. The aesthetic is perfected further and further to match the industrialised product.


CE  CAD Engineering

We realise detailed technical modelling of the entirety of the bodywork components while taking account of the latest constraints. Our in-depth knowledge in terms of production technologies and their constraints allows us to make the most suitable choices.


FP  Functional Prototyping

Prototyping is essential in order to materialise the object and to monitor the improvements that need to be made. We accompany you in the production of the initial prototype at the most suitable sub-contractors. Once finalised, the usage tests can start.


We support you during the production management for your product.

The initial usage tests bring to light the modifications that need to be made. We perform these together, with the aim of preparing the product for production.


PO  Product Optimisation

We optimise the 3D technical modelling to the latest certification constraints and co-ordinate the various sub-contractors. We support you during the realisation of the full production file, detailed plan and BOM (Bill of Material), but also in the production management of pre-series.


UI  User Interface

The graphic interface is key element of your product’s success. Together we create the illustrations, the architecture and the page layout in order to enhance interaction with the consumer.

We also support you in the realisation of user manuals. Thanks to the creation of diagrams, assembly plans, graphic supports or content generation supports, we supply you with the right material in order to realise straightforward and complete instructions for use.